Issue #16, Spring 2010

God and Woman at Wasilla

Remember when religious populism walked hand-in-hand with economic populism? Neither does Sarah Palin.

Such personal anecdotes–and 24 pages of family photos, most in color–help freshen a politics that otherwise just parrots the secular right-wing gospel as handed down by Reagan and Gingrich. Blithely ignorant of the historical record, Palin believes the New Deal made the Great Depression worse and is happy to reduce her current agenda to the size of predictable bumper-stickers: “Encourage the free market. Lower taxes. Get government out of the way…Respect honest work. Strengthen families.” But to the many followers of this attractive Christian mother with a tough, insurgent image, it clearly has a fresh, moral edge. “This woman has the guts to tell it like it is,” gushes “James M.” from Dallas, one of the many fans who’ve reviewed the book on “America needs Sarah Palin today…as much as we needed Reagan after Jimmy Carter. This woman is the true/real AMERICAN’S voice and savior. GOD BLESS AMERICA and Sarah Palin.”

All the hoopla will keep Palin smiling–and probably convince her to run for the GOP nomination in 2012. In Going Rogue, she compares herself to Ronald Reagan in 1976, who was able “to turn things around” for conservatives four years later. But it is hard to imagine how she could win. No candidate so polarizing, so tightly strung, and so inflexible in her positions has ever been elected president. What’s more, her base of white evangelicals–just a quarter of all voters in 2008–is a dwindling part of the population. Mexican-American moms with white-collar jobs who are sincere Christians but have little time for church are the future of the American electorate.

Yet demography is not always destiny. If it were, a bi-racial man with a Muslim middle name would not be sitting in the White House today. The tea-party movement may lose strength by the time candidates start criss-crossing Iowa. But for now, that movement gives Palin a larger base than Barack Obama had when he started his run in 2007. Of all the aspects of her biography, it is her sentimental faith, voiced with such casual resolve, that marks her as the anti-Obama for millions of Americans. If you sincerely trust in the goodness of the Lord, Palin implies, then you cannot believe he will long allow this smooth elitist who thinks ordinary people “cling” to their religion to rule the country you love.

So liberals should not comfort themselves in assuming that Going Rogue is, in Jonathan Raban’s words, “a four-hundred page paean to virtuous ignorance.” It is instead a tribute to Palin’s ability to draw a sizeable gathering of people who long for a politician who is, at the same time, a pious Christian, a stalwart conservative, and an aggressively modern woman. While that combination may not be virtuous, there is nothing ignorant about it.


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Issue #16, Spring 2010
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So called "conservative" Christians should try reading the Bible sometime, especially the part which defines a "conservative" as a "vile person who speaks villainy, whose heart works iniquity to practice hypocrisy to utter error against the LORD!" (Is 32). God's Word has proved to be true once again.

Mar 10, 2010, 2:10 PM

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