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June 23, 2014

Aspen Institute Event on National Service

Gettysburg College Summit: Our Unfinished Work

On June 4-6, the Aspen Institute’s Franklin Project hosted a summit, “Our Unfinished Work,” in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on the subject of national service in the United States. The event coincided with the launch of the Summer Issue of Democracy, which featured a symposium on national service that the journal assembled in collaboration with the Franklin Project. The symposium included essays by Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Harris Wofford, Clive Belfield, and Shirley Sagawa.

Below is a video of the opening remarks at the summit made by Dev Zaveri, a U.S. Navy Veteran.

Click here to see the rest of the videos from the event.

To read “A Nation in Service,” the Summer Issue centerpiece symposium, click here.


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