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December 3, 2012

Democracy & CFED Co-Host Discussion on Mobility

On November 27, Democracy and the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) co-hosted “The Forgotten 40 Percent: Restoring American Opportunity,” a discussion highlighting the economic imperative of rebuilding wealth and encouraging greater mobility among middle-class and working households.

Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR), a strong proponent of asset-building, opened the session with a keynote address about the importance of mobility and opportunity in strengthening our economy. He was followed by a panel discussion featuring three distinguished policy experts whose ideas on asset creation and protection appeared in our latest issue’s symposium: Ray Boshara, a senior advisor and community development policy officer with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis; James Carr, a fellow with the Insight Center for Community Economic Development; and Sarah Rosen Wartell, the president of the Urban Institute.

Jim Tankersley, the economics correspondent for National Journal, moderated the forum. CFED President Andrea Levere introduced the speakers and also delivered closing remarks. Listen to audio of the full-length panel discussion here.


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