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August 3, 2010

Harper’s Offers Judgment on “Why We Must Judge”

Harper’s Scott Horton points his readers to Roger Berkowitz’s “Why We Must Judge,” which appeared online earlier this month and will be published in the Fall Issue. He calls the essay “a subtle and stimulating discussion of judgment,” adding:

Berkowitz’s article is an appealing exploration of the contradictions and dissonances of modern American liberalism. He talks about sentencing guidelines, the political wars over the judiciary, gives us some interesting insights into the approaches that Hannah Arendt took to the subject, and winds up with a fascinating analysis of Aeschylus’s Orestia. The complex of issues is eternal and universal, of course, but Berkowitz makes a convincing case that American society went off the tracks in the age of Bush, and Obama has done nothing to set the situation right.

To read Roger Berkowitz’s “Why We Must Judge,” click here.


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