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July 10, 2006

Wake up, Democrats: Ideas and Vision Do Matter

Co-editors Ken Baer and Andrei Cherny write in today’s Los Angeles Times that

Something happens to a political party when it is not just out of power but has had to play on the home field of its opponents for a generation: It loses faith in itself and becomes scared.

Like the 98-pound weakling who lives in fear of the school bully, it will say anything to avoid being stuffed into a gym locker: I don’t really believe in anything! I don’t stand for anything! Please just leave me alone!

That this has become true in the Democratic Party is clear in listening to the worried words of pundits and political professionals who counsel Democrats to avoid offering any vision or direction for the country–to instead simply wait for voters to so tire of Republican mismanagement that they will turn to more “competent” Democrats to administer a conservative state.

Read the rest here.


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