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October 23, 2007

Democracy’s Influence on the Presidential Debate

What would progressive fiscal policy look like in a Democratic administration? The New York Times reports that Democracy has been leading the search for an answer to that question. Two articles in our recent issue, one by Gene Sperling and another by Bernard Schwartz and Sherle Schwenninger, focused on the subject. On October 16th, we hosted a panel discussion with Sperling, Schwartz, Senators Bob Kerrey and Bill Bradley, and Robert Hormats of Goldman Sachs at the New School in New York City.

At issue is whether the policies of the Clinton administration should still be applied today. As the Times reports:

“The last time Democrats really had a vibrant debate about what kind of economic policy we should have was in 1993,” said Andrei Cherny, founder and co-editor of “Democracy: A Journal of Ideas.” “But now the question is whether the right answer in 1993 is still the right answer for 2009. And that’s an issue we can’t wait until 2009 to confront.”

To read the full Times article, click here. Sperling’s article is available here; Schwartz and Schwenninger’s can be found here.


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