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August 23, 2011

Vivek Wadhwa Talks Immigrant Entrepreneurs on NPR

On the August 23 edition of NPR’s “Morning Edition,” Vivek Wadhwa, a visiting scholar at the University of California-Berkeley, discussed the need to reform our visa policies to encourage immigrant entrepreneurs to stay in the United States. Wadhwa wrote about his specific ideas for reform in our entrepreneurship symposium in the Summer 2011 issue.

In his Democracy essay, Wadhwa proposed several ideas to entice immigrant entrepreneurs to plant roots in the United States, including raising the visa limit for skilled immigrants, offering immigrant entrepreneurs green cards if they start companies that employ U.S. workers, and giving green cards to advanced-degree graduates in science and engineering. Wadhwa wrote:

One hates to imagine a world 40 or 50 years into the future when skilled workers are chasing the “Chinese Dream” or the “Indian Dream.” We may be headed there unless we take action now.

Read Wadhwa’s essay here.


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